Our lab has designed the automatic targeting system from the movie "RoboCop" and from the "Terminator. We have utilized the latest VR, AR, IoT, and mobile hardware and software to improve upon the targeting systems of military weapons. Our CoverShot is a $159.00 copy of the Israel's $3,499.00 Corner Shot CSM . Our TrackingScope is a $1,899.00 copy of the TrackingPoint's $27,000 Sniper Rifle.  Finally, our  Command-and-Control (C4I) Solution  is a copy of the US Military's Future Combat System (FCS) .

The primary purpose of our patented, precision-guided, automatic-targeting, smart systems is to allow our shooters to both see and attack a target accurately, without having to expose themselves to return fire. The second purpose of our "smart" targeting systems is to provide night-vision capabilities and allow our shooters to operate under any light and weather conditions. Thirdly, we designed our targeting systems to automatically perform all the detailed, ballistic calculations for our shooters, in real-time, to improve their speed and accuracy in taking out their targets at extended ranges. This is all done through our patented, target-tracking, head-mounted, mobile-display software and fire-control system. And lastly, we added wireless connectivity and networking capabilities to all of our weapons to allow them to seamlessly integrate with the local and wide-area-networks to provide voice, video, and data transmission. Through our weapon's networking capabilities, the sensor data are encrypted and sent using the Tor network to remotely connected devices and C4I systems to provide secure, command-and-control-and-communication capabilities over the existing cellular infrastructures. This patented technology will also give our soldiers and commanders a "common-interactive-picture" to work with, in real-time, to provide them with full-battlefield-awareness at all times to shrink the "fog-of-war." Individual combat units can use their mobile laser range finders, GPS, digital compasses, and satellite terrain maps to spot and "mark" the enemy positions for the others on the battlefield in real-time. For example, combat unit 1 can mark an enemy position and instantly send its target information to combat unit 4's weapon system. Field commanders can also direct the friendly forces to optimally respond to the "marked" threats on the battlefield and avoid friendly fires. Commanders can also relay those coordinates to armored units or drones or call for artillery fire or direct air-support in real-time.

  1. CoverShot
    CoverShot is designed as a pistol, clip-on module: a weapon multiplier in situations involving terrorists, hostages, and urban, close-quarter combat.
    CoverShot is a pistol mounted, targeting module that provides the shooter with the ability to observe and engage a target in stealth from behind a corner or under a cover. CoverShot's purpose is to allow its operator to both see and attack an armed target, without having to expose herself to return fire and hostile counterattack. CoverShot is designed as an all-weather, all-lighting, wireless-camera, targeting mount, with an IR laser designator and a night-vision, infrared illuminator. The image captured by the pistol-mounted, targeting camera can be wirelessly streamed on to the operator's smartphone.
  2. $490.00 Standard Model | $590.00 Night Vision
    This simple, clip-on, targeting module is made to fit all modern semi-automatic pistols, assault pistols, and SMGs.
    Small, light, durable, easily-clipped-on, and very inexpensive, this simple pistol attachment is the best-designed weapon-multiplier made for the modern police force, SWAT teams, anti-terrorist personnel, and our soldiers who are currently deployed in the Middle-East, urban, close-quartered, combat situations. The CoverShot system can also be remotely emplaced and operated from behind camouflage, with WiFi and cellular-network video broadcasting capabilities to send real-time images to the commanders in charge at a distance. CoverShot also allows the operator to record video to a MicroSD card.
  3. TrackingScope
    Our scope integrates technologies that are commonly found in drones, tanks, and jet fighters into our conventional system.
    TrackingScope is a networked, sniper scope that persistently track the target, automatically compute the multi-variable firing solution, and ensure precise engagement when the target and the firing solution are optimally aligned. It allows its sensors to integrate with cellular networks to provide voice, video, and data connectivity to commanders in charge or to other shooters. The video streaming capability of our networked tracking scope can also broadcast the target's sight to be displayed on any mobile device or head-mounted display to allow the operator shoot her weapon in almost any firing position in order to conceal her position and protect herself from return fire.
  4. $1,899.00
    The following technologies are integrated into our smart, precision-guided, advanced sniper scope:
    1) Target acquisition, either through manual designation or auto-acquisition 2) Lock on and persistent target tracking 3) Computerized firing solution calculation involving ranging and multi-variable ballistic calculation 4) Streaming video via WiFi server, allowing another user to see the live feed from the system and record or broadcast the shot 5) Automatic zero adjustment 6) Interface with smartphones, tablets, and other software applications 7) Video, voice, data, and GPS transmission to the remote commander
  5. Command & Control Solution (C4I)
    Our command and control solution integrates all of the sensor data from our smart, precision-guided, weapon systems to give commanders real-time, battlefield awareness and greater command and control of battlefield assets.
    Command & Control Solution (C4I)
    Terrorism is a 21st-century cancer - much like what piracy, fascism, and communism were to the 20th-century. Battling terrorism has forced our military and our law enforcement agencies to engage and fight our enemies in close-quartered, urban combats, where our technological superiority has been stripped away and where civilians are often caught in the middle and used as hostages or human shields. To counter this, it is obvious that we need to improve the accuracy, the versatility, and the networking capabilities of our soldiers' weapons to improve their effectiveness. At VRMaverick, we have implemented this solution with our newest, networked, weapon augmentations.
  6. $50.00 / User License
    Military failures frequently arise when leaders ignore fundamental changes in technology and society. Network-centric warfare is an emerging doctrine of war in the Information Age that can be ideally deployed in urban combat.
    Command & Control Solution (C4I)
    Our networked mobile platform solution allows soldiers to maintain situational awareness on the battlefield by knowing their own location, the location of friendly forces, plotting enemy locations, and communicating this using encrypted data over existing urban cellular networks to maintain a common operating picture with everyone. The C4I system, on the other hand, integrates the GPS data and weapon sensor data from each soldier to overlay them on a satellite map. With a click of the mouse on a battlefield asset that is displayed on the map, a commander is able to look through the scope of his asset's weapon on a live video stream and tell his asset exactly what to shoot.
Targeting System of RoboCop  & Terminator